2019-2020 CURRICULUM



Faith 3 – This course teaches how the words we speak are a vital element in walking by faith.
Helps 2 -This course focuses on the heart of the servant. Developing a servants heart, serving the man with the vision and working as a team.
Comparative Religions – This course provides a critique of the seven major world religions. in addition, the course will briefly survey the major cultic structures that have arisen in the United States (Jehovah Witnesses, Mormonism, Unity, etc.) that are providing the greatest challenge to the Church today.
Ethics, Excellence & Integrity – This course sets a standard of excellence in ethical conduct. It exposes common ethical problems faced by minsters and provides preventive strategies.
Ministry Gifts – This course delves into the five-fold ministry and gives the student an understanding of how each of these are different and how they work together.
Life of Christ – This course provides an outline of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and surveys the order of events in His earthly ministry.
Old Testament Survey – This course provides an overview of the messages, the authors, and the main themes of the books of the Old Testament.
Eschatology – This course is an in-depth study of the book of Revelation. It breaks down the entire book with Biblically based interpretation, chapter by chapter. Prophecy on end-times, end of days, bible prophecy, and tribulation.
Holy Spirit – This course gives the student a working knowledge of the nine New Testament gifts of the spirit as described in 1 Corinthians 12 and 14.