2020-2021 CURRICULUM

2020-2021 Description
Faith 4 – This course examines the New Testament accounts of faith verse by verse. It is an in depth study whereby the student understand faith as an essential element in the Spiritual journey. 
Book of Acts – This course is a study of the powerful ministry of the Holy Spirit in the early New Testament Church and challenges students to expect the same powerful outpouring in these last days. 
Bible Interpretation – This course teaches the various types of biblical interpretation and covers the principles and approaches for a correct understanding of each type.
Leadership 2 – This course considers the leadership and personal skills required to be effective in leading and building others up. 
Spiritual Warfare – This course examines the operation of the demonic world, the tactics of destruction that are used, and the weapons that are available to all believers. 
Preparation for Ministry – This course examines the principles for Christian ministries issues such as: church administration, functions, and organizational approaches. 
New Testament Survey – This course provides an overview of the main thoughts and the central themes of the twenty-seven books of the New Testament. 
Walking Through HebrewsIn this course we will go passage by passage through the book of Hebrews to help the student gain an understanding of the covenant they possess and of the modern day role of Jesus Christ in the life of the believer.
The Epistles – This course gives an overview of Paul’s writings to the first century churches. This study highlights major issues and considers application to individual believers and churches of today.