2021-2022 COURSES
Students are taught what faith is and what it is not, how faith is obtained, the basic elements of faith, and how to use faith to accomplish the purposes of God.
This course focuses on the work and present-day ministry of the Holy Spirit. Special attention is given to the deity and person of the Holy Spirit and our personal fellowship with Him.   Emphasis is placed on the necessity of the Holy Spirit in the personal public ministry of the believer.
This course is designed for you to experience true daily
fellowship with the Lord. It is our hope that every student will begin to experience the presence of God on a whole new level. You already have a relationship with
the Father through Jesus, but in this class your communion and intimacy with Him shall deepen, as the Scripture says “Deep calleth unto deep. “
This course helps the student understand the principles and purpose of prayer as outlined in the Bible.  The students will cover the different kinds of prayer, the function of prayer in our daily lives, and how to pray and seek God on a daily basis.
This course reveals God’s plan of provision and abundance for His people.  It emphasizes the need for faith and an understanding of the principles necessary for receiving God’s best.
This course focuses on the biblical outline for various types of relationships between believers and how they can be conducted in a godly manner.  It emphasizes the importance of walking “the love walk” and its connection to every part of the student’s life.


This course considers all the major doctrines of Christianity.  Special consideration is given to bibliology – the study of the bible; theology – the study of God; anthropology – the study of man; hamartiology – the study of sin; soteriology –  the study of salvation.
This course traces grace throughout the Old and New Testament and examines it’s many sides in a systematic manner.
This course assists the student in understanding the value of serving in the Body of Christ and helps them find their place.