September 7th to September 28, 2021

Instructor – Pastor Brian Cuff
Students are taught what faith is and what faith is not, how faith is obtained, the basic elements of faith, and how to use faith to accomplish and the purposes of God.
The Spirit of Faith
by Mark Hankins
This book opens the door to the supernatural and enables you to receive from God and fulfill your divine destiny. God is a faith God, and without faith it is impossible to please Him. In The Spirit of Faith, Mark Hankins shares valuable truths such as:
  • Never run at your giant with your mouth shut.
  • How to win the war of words.
  • Anytime God wants to change someone’s life, He touches their mouth.
  • Faith is an act. The simplest definition of faith is acting like the Bible is true.
  • The Spirit of faith is a pioneer spirit. It enables you to advance, break barriers, and go into new territories.
Pastor Jordan, Dean & Pastor Deborah, Director office hours: by appointment