COURSE 3 – Track 1

Instructor – Pastors Dave & Frances Oberg & Pastor Joey Bock
This course is designed for you to experience true daily fellowship with the Lord.  It is our hope that every student will begin to experience the presence of God on a whole new level.  You already have a relationship with the Father through Jesus, but in this class your communion and intimacy with Him shall deepen, as the Scriptures say “Deep calleth unto deep”.
The Master is Calling
by Lynne Hammond

This book offers a powerful biblical perspective on prayer that takes you to the heart of meaningful, effective, and joyful communion with God. She presents a victorious approach to worship, intercession, petition, and spiritual warfare that will revitalize your Christian life.
In this revealing book, you will discover the secrets to…

  • Developing a deeper prayer life
  • Relying on the Holy Spirit’s guidance
  • Dispelling your anxieties about prayer
  • Discerning your most crucial prayer needs
  • Compiling prayer victories rather than prayer lists
  • Interceding effectively for family and friends
  • Enriching your life through prayer
  • Ministering the gifts of the Spirit
  • Reaching the heart of God

You can have the desires of your heart and play an outstanding role in fulfilling God’s will on the earth. As you understand these biblical principles, you will experience the joy of true fellowship with the Lord and be tremendously effective in prayer through His grace and power!

Pastor Jordan, Dean & Pastor Deborah, Director office hours: by appointment