COURSE 6 – Track 1

Instructor – Pastor Deborah Rachman
This course focuses on the Biblical outline for various types of relationships between believers and how they can be conducted in a godly manner.  It emphasizes the importance of walking “the love walk” and its connection to every part of the student’s life.
Love: The Way to Victory
by Kenneth E. Hagin
In this powerful book Rev. Hagin shows why God’s love is so vital to our lives. He says, “The answer to so many of life’s problems is found in this statement: God’s love never fails! Therefore, if you learn to walk in love, they you’re never going to fail either. I’m talking about divine love–God’s love in us–not human love”
Rev. Hagin teaches how to let the love of God dominate our lives rather than to allow our flesh or our unredeemed thinking to rule us. You can turn around even what seems to be impossible situations in your life–just by walking in the God kind of love!.

Pastor Jordan, Dean & Pastor Deborah, Director office hours: by appoinment