September 5th thru September 26th, 2023

Pastor Brian Cuff
Course Overview
This course will teach you: The God-Kind of Faith Moves Mountains!  The student will learn what God’s Word says about this important subject and how the words we speak are a vital element in walking by faith.
Required Course Book
Mountain Moving Faith
by Kenneth E. Hagin
This book teaches believers seven fundamental facts of faith that will enable them to change their circumstances and move mountains out of their lives. In this book, Rev. Hagin explains how faith grows and the difference between head faith and heart faith. He also discusses the powerful role of forgiveness in the faith life, how to release your faith, how to use your faith to receive financial needs met, and how you can use your faith to help someone else. Learn what God’s Word says about this all-important subject. You can feed, exercise, and develop your own faith and enjoy an overcoming, mountain-moving faith life.



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