November 29th thru December 13th, 2022
Pastor Brian Cuff
Course Overview
This course delves into this last commandment the was given by Jesus and how it applies to every individual.
Required Course Book
Go. Preach. Heal.
by Adam Livecci

From the days of Jesus until now, there has been a mandate for every believer (including you) to go into the world, preach the kingdom, heal the sick, cast out demons, and raise the dead.

Adam LiVecchi presents an inspiring guidebook for every believer. Go. Preach. Heal. does more than educate—it activates. This book will give you the practical essentials of operating in the power of God!

Cost: $145.00 individual or $250.00 married couple (includes book(s) and handouts)
6:30pm – Session 1 (followed by 10 minute break)
7:30pm – Session 2 (followed by 10 minute break)
8:30pm – Session 3 (dismissed by around 9:30pm)
Pastor Jordan, Dean & Pastor Deborah, Director office hours: by appointment