May 2nd – May 23rd, 2023
Pastor Brian Cuff
Course Overview
This course will teach you: About living a life of prayer and vision. How to walk out God’s plan for your life and fulfill the dreams He has put in your heart.
Required Course Book
Processing the Plan of God Through Prayer
by Mark Brazee
A cry of Gods Spirit is going forth. It is the same cry that has brought forth every move of God since the beginning of time-the call to pray. Prayer is not a form or ritual; it is simply communion and fellowship with God. Prayer is changing Earth by the power of heaven! Heaven is waiting for our legal invitation. Whatever requests we lift to God, heaven is waiting to back us up. Prayer is always the catalyst which brings forth Gods ability on Earth, and when we tap into that power, we will process the plan of God! In this book, you will: Learn how to bring forth Gods ability on the Earth, Find your part in bringing forth Gods plans for the last days, Tap into how to do business with God, and understand how to pray out your future.
6:30pm – Session 1 (followed by 10 minute break)
7:30pm – Session 2 (followed by 10 minute break)
8:30pm – Session 3 (dismissed by around 9:30pm)
Pastor Jordan, Dean & Pastor Deborah, Director office hours: by appointment