Benefit for Pastors:
  • Increased church growth
  • Training new leaders
  • Experiencing fresh momentum
Benefit for Students:
  • Find your purpose and fulfill your destiny
  • Grow deeper with God and experience His presence
  • Get a degree that’s affordable and possible with your current lifestyle!
Highlights of Xplore Nations:
  • XN partners with the local church, facilitating both church and individual growth.
  • XN is a four year degree program where students can earn their bachelor’s degree in Biblical Theology
  • XN has both a local and international teaching staff of highly experienced ministers. We bring together a variety of ministry gifts to comprise one of the most well rounded teaching staffs in the world.
  • XN offers once a week meetings or the option of a once a month condensed seminar. These meetings may be held in the local church, or a common meeting place for a group of united local churches.
  • XN is constructed of nine subjects per year, each with twelve session taking place within a one month time frame.
Courses Offered:
First Year Courses: Faith, Prayer, Old Testament Survey, Leadership, Bible Doctrines, Holy Spirit, New Testament Survey, Great Commission and Book of Acts.
History of Xplore Nations:
XN has over 60 campuses located throughout North America, Central America, Europe, The Middle East & North Africa. We are a fully accredited Bible College, with our main college campus located in Broken Arrow, OK USA.
“Training Leaders, Impacting Nations”
Either apply online or click link for printable application which on completion, return to the XploreNations director at the Eugene Campus.