February 28th – March 21st, 2023
Pastor Jordan Jackson
Course Overview
This course equips the student with a Biblical perspective of their redemption and position “In Christ” as a result of Christ’s redemptive work on the Cross of Calvary. Special attention is given to the identification believers have in Christ and the spiritual truths of being a new creation in Christ.
Required Course Book
The Power of Identification with Christ
by Mark Hankins
Many Christians have become a victim of supernatural identity theft! Your new identity In Christ is extremely valuable and must be protected! Learn how God identified us with Christ in His death, burial, resurrection, and seating in Heaven. He embraced our condition so that we might live in Him and He might live in us! The same identical life, victory, joy, and blessings that are In Christ are now in you! This is the glory and the mystery of Christianity – the power of the believer’s identification with Christ!

6:30pm – Session 1 (followed by 10 minute break)
7:30pm – Session 2 (followed by 10 minute break)
8:30pm – Session 3 (dismissed by around 9:30pm)
Pastor Jordan, Dean & Pastor Deborah, Director office hours: by appointment